Saturday, 19 October 2013

That Sweetest Little Things

I'm having a semifinal for a modelling competition next week. I didn't really expect to get there actually, but I did chosen as a semifinalist. And this is my first time going to a modelling competition, so yesss, I'm sooooo excited yet nervous at the same time. I have to struggle really hard to win. But the time given is just too little. I'm having a camping for 3 days long, and that's quite taking my chances. I need to prepare so many things. Beside a talent show, I must present the tourism object in my city too. I have to 'pack' them in a good and innovative way so the audience won't get bored. For the talent show, I'm planning to do a speech. An English speech. But my senior, who lives in United States now as a university student, doesn't really suggest it. He said that it would be quite awkward to speak around 8 minutes, even though it would be presented with different languages. English and Indonesian. He asked me to do something that related to our culture. Well, actually that was my first plan. But due to the limited time I have, that would be impossible. I'm having an english speech contest too in November, and I haven't prepared anything for it. What should I do? :(

Beside my nerves and anxiety that keep haunting me, I also have some fear of being underestimated by other people. Especially my friends who weren't really close to me. They know me as an ignorant person. And I was quite fat back then. I'm so afraid that they would underestimate me, even though I've changed. I wish I could win this competition though, so I can show the world that I'm able to do something useful, and I'm still as good as I used to be, but have changed my bad habits :)

Went to the Korea Winter Travel Fair 2013 tonite with my family. I met the Delicious Musical Bibap. They were freakin' amazing! I wish I could see them performing again tomorrow, and take better pictures with them, since today's pics were quite disappointing and blurry *sigh*
One of the members really looked like Kim Jongkook anyway! He was so cute yet handsomee xD so happy to meet him! >.<

Good night! ;)


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