Wednesday, 4 December 2013

This is Life. Face It or Leave It.

Oh my, it's been exactly a year since my last post huh? I really have no idea to write. So this will just be a super short post, or maybe sharing hehe.

I used to ask my parents everything I want. I didn't really care about pricing, or anything. All I wanted was my wish needed to be granted.
Then, I realized that I need to change my habbit. I started to understand that my parents struggle very hard to give what me and my brother want. They want the best for us, even though it's hard for them to fulfil our needs. It somehow tickled my heart. Do I want to keep my parents like that? They work incredibly hard just to make their children happy? Or do I want to change?

I decided to change. I started to make a living by opening an online shop. It was tough at first. But I'm used to it now :)
Of course it's not that easy to sell things. At the beginning, some of my customers complained about the service, the stuffs. My suppliers seemed like they didn't want to take any responsible. But I won't improve myself without having these bitter things huh? :)
Now I've had some money to keep myself. It's not very much, but at least I've tried eh? And now I can feel how hard it is for my parents to work under pressure to get enough money for their children. And now I don't really ask them to buy the things I want, which is sometimes way out of their budget. Good thing, isn't it? And this also means that I don't need to ask my parents to give me more money for my cheerleading competition. Oh how nice!

So here are some of the real pictures of the previous preorder stuffs at my online shop. Final exams has finally ended. That means I've got plenty of time to continue my business again at my leisure time. Go check it at Instagram : @sweetscarlet_shop . Wish me luck! ;)