Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Holiday is finally here! I've planned so many things before holiday. But then, it's all just gone by the wind. I screwed it all. I never made it to do all my plans, or at least, one plan. I failed.

My plans were :

1. Take an outfit photo, then post it on the blog
2. Write an article, then send it to a newspaper redaction
3. Make DIY bracelets, then sell it online
4. Cooking and baking, then share it to people
5. Having a fashion design course in Susan Budihardjo
6. Having a religious camp in a Buddhist Monastery
7. Buy some english novels, and read them all till night
8. Having an outdoor and indoor photoshoot
9. Style my brothers
10. Do some mathematic exercises
11. Do some treatments to my damaging hair

Well, I haven't done any of them. Since last week, I've just spent my holiday with playing with my iPod, play Subway Surfer everytime, watch Running Man, then go to sleep, eat, and watch the television. I know, so boring. But I was just too lazy to do them all ._. Well, let's just wish I could finish all my plans before holiday is over. At least I've tried to search for the location for my first personal photoshoot :p

Some DIY inspirations :

credits : google

Anyway, I'm active on Instagram now! Let's follow each other! @meilisadewi


Friday, 7 June 2013

Stitches Are in The House!

Hi guys! How are you? In this post, I'm gonna show you my stitch stuffs. The best thing from them is, they are all GIFTED! Hoho. Anyway, how to resize photos in blogspot? I wanna make the width of my photos the same, so it would be nicer when you look at it. Tidier, at least. Any idea?

 Don't hesitate to leave any comments or critics! They would be such helps for me to improve myself :)


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sweetest Sixteen

Finally, I've been living the life for 16 years. Yep, I'm 16 now. My birthday is actually on May 18th. But well, you guys know that I am a superrr lazyyy blogger. I just managed to update my blog today, since I had lottsss of free time today. No school, even though everyone goes to school. Well, I didn't skip school, but why should I come if the teachers even never notice their students presence after the examination? That's why, I decided not to come, because it's really wasting my precious time.

Okay, let's forget about school. I'm gonna show you my birthday presents I got from the people I love very much. I didn't celebrate it actually, and I rarely tell people about my birthday. Usually I just tell them that I have the same birthday with Taeyang from BigBang. LOL. But these people remember my birthday! *sobs* THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL! :*

Well, I'm so happy to know it. Since I consider myself as a shy and introvert person, I also act quietly, I express myself in a different way with the other people. Many think that I'm 'something'. But my lovely guys have always been there and support me, even though I've done sooo many mistakes to them. Sorry guys, I know I'm such an ignorant girl :'D

And now, my super parents and family! Thankyou so much for raising me from a really helpless baby until a naughty teenager like now. Thankyou for your love, your caring, your patience and so on. I often hurt and disappoint you all, but you still never abandon me. Thankyou :'D I wouldn't have been as happy and better as like this now if there hadn't been you all. Thankyou :') I LOVE YOU! *hugskisses*

Enough for the speech, so here are the photos

Sorry for the bad photos anyway :(

Happiness always come from everytime and everywhere around you, no matter how simple it is