Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cream Spaghetti

Hey guys! How are you? It's been a while since my last post huh?

Today I made a creamy spaghetti for my breakfast. I took the recipe from Sisca Soewitomo's recipe book. But since I didn't completely have all of the ingredients, I decided to modify it. So, here's the modified recipe. Enjoy!

Ingredients :
100 gr Spaghetti/Fetuccine
40 gr minced onions
400 ml milk (I used the full cream one)
2 tspfull of butter/margarine
4 tspfull of  flour

How to make it :
1. Boil the spaghetti for about 10 minutes or until you think it's done enough. Before adding the spaghetti, add some oil to the water to prevent the spaghetti from cloting.
2. Melt the butter on a pan, then add the onions. Stir until it smells good.
3. Add the flour. Stir until it's well mixed with the onions.
4. Add the milk and the meat slowly. Then add the spices. Let it boil for a moment.
5. Mix your cooked spaghetti with your sauce, and it's ready to serve !

Result :

Of course, you can always modify the recipe. If you don't really like creamy things, you can add less milk. Or if you  like some mushrooms or green peas, you can add it too!