Monday, 4 November 2013

Surabaya Sparkling Tourism Fiesta 2013

Yeah, that's the name of the competition I attended last week. More specific : Miss Sparkling 2013. It's been held 2 times, once in a year. I didn't attend the first one because I wasn't really confident with myself that time. And because of this competition, I gained so much experience and more confidence. It gave me a lot of things to learn. How to speak in public properly, how to act like a lady, and even how to hide your real feelings. Hihi.

So I don't think the show went through very well. The comittees weren't really ready. Everything was like in a hurry.

There were about 50 girls or less at the first round, and then they chose 20 girls to go to the next round. In the first round, we need to write our innovation towards our city, so that it can develop more and more and more people are attracted to come here. At the second round,We were asked to give a special performance to show our talent, and also promote our beloved city, Surabaya. I didn't do really well in the talent show. I misspelled some words and I wasn't really fluent. I did an english speech, fyi. I didn't really expect to get into the BIG10 since I knew that the others were indeed better than me. But I got chosen anyway. It was my first time entering a competition like that, so it really did surprised me. And I continued to the BIG5 too, but no more to expect. I didn't pass it to get into the BIG3. But still, I'm totally grateful. It's been really an honour for me to be in the BIG5, since I've got ZERO experiences about the modelling world.

Please mind my weird poses >.<
And also I don't know why the pictures turned to be so bad and blurry. The resolution of the pics were fine, seriously :s does anyone know why?

I'm writing this post on my iPod anyway. Does it affect very much on the pics resolutions? How to change the size to medium, large, etc? I would be really grateful if you answered! Thankyou! :)