Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013 !

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So, how's your new year holiday? Was it fun? Well I hope you guys had a really fascinating holiday  like me! :D

From December 30th until January 1st, me and my big family went to Tretes to celebrate the new year's eve.
We stayed at my uncle's villa. We've done the 'tradition' to go there since I was in my mommy's tummy lol.

Before it turned to 2013, we had a dinner and some games. And some chitchats.
We also had a firework party. Not the big one, cos the big one would be at night.

So here are some of the photos we took.

some of the family members

Irene, Calvin, Helena, and me

my cousin's son, Jacob Vino ;)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

White Christmas

Hi everyone ! So how's life recently ?
Merry Late Christmas anyway ! I hope you guys had a very wonderful christmas !
Sorry for the late wish. I was too lazy to write a post. Bad blogger ! ;(

Just one day before christmas, me and my friends went to Grand City to try the ice rink.
Well, it wasn't a permanent ice rink, so it wasn't very big.
We had to pay Rp 65.000 to kget into the ice rink. Include the shoes rent.
You also have to wear socks. If you don't have one, you can buy them there for Rp. 10.000.

I thought it would be very cold there in the ice rink. But the fact was .. I WAS SWEATY ! So it wasn't really cold, because I moved everywhere.
I couldn't skate at all at first, but I tried and encouraged myself to 'run'. And I managed to do it ! Yayy !

If you guys planning to go there, quick come before the end of February ! Well, the rink guard said so.

Levina & me
Me & Renaldy !
With Celine !
Me, Levina, Celine, Lievina, Giovanna, and Renaldy
Another dorky photo
Yes, I know, it's 2013 already.
I'll post the new year eve later.
So stay tuned ! ;)