Thursday, 6 November 2014

This and That

Well, been a long long time since my last post.

So many things have happened. There were ups and downs, laughters and cries.

I'm finally in my officially-called-adult age. Yes, people, I'm 17 now. Celebrated it a while ago in May. It was splendid. I had never imagined I would have a birthday party, since I had always refused to have one when my parents offered me to. But then, it all happened in a blink. I mulled over and finally came to a decision that I was going to invite loads of people to come to my party.
So well, the preparation was done in a short time, I could say. But then, it was satisfying. 131 out of 170 names invited came to the party. Thanks to my parents and the party organizers and some friends who have helped me to make it come true. Yay!

I'm a 12th grader now. That means I'm facing my national exam next year. I'm sure I'll pass, but what worries me the most is my grades. I got lots of 9 in my junior high certificate, and it seems like I'm going to have tons of 7 in high school. Yes people, I'm screwed *sigh*

I think I'm going to write more here. About my life. I don't really care about the content, I suppose. I'm going to make my blog a little diary of my life. Sorry. Gonna start to write regularly from now on.

I'm going to Bangkok this Saturday. Hope things will go as planned.